- Mini Original Ink Drawings -

These MINI ORIGINALS are 2.5" x 4.5" drawings matted and framed in 8" x10" frames. Each requires one hour per square inch to create. Details provided below. Add one of these unique pieces to your collection or give one as a gift. Availability can change at any time. Click on an image for details about a piece.

MINI ORIGINALS Currently Available

"A Horse, Of Course"

"Catching Rays"

"Cattle Call"

"Christmas Tractor"

"Close The Barn Door"

"Eagle Strike"


"Fleur de Football"

"Fleur de Football 2"

"Fleur de Football 3"

"Heading In"

"Hurry Up, Mom"

"Joining In"

"Out Of The Fog"



"Quarter Courtyard"

"Roadside Stand"

"Roman Candy Man"

"Sabine Pass Lighthouse"


"Signs, Signs"

"Shoreline Stroll"

"Stalking Kitten"

"Sunset Roost"


"Up With The Chickens"

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