- "Louisiana Bicentennial" -

Louisiana joins the ranks of the seventeen other states with a 200-year history. The state is rich and diverse in its culture, its resources, and its people. This award-winning design by Martin J Benoit is a celebration of Louisiana's past, incorporating many of Martin's previous works in the design.

The poster features the outline of a large fleur-de-lis, containing colored versions of selected works, composed mainly of Louisiana state symbols. The fleur-de-lis "floats" over a rectangular assortment of Martin's ink images in a light sepia screen; images specially chosen to represent a wide cross-section of state landmarks.

Surrounding this collage is a border of dates with important events in Louisiana history, each separated by a small fleur-de-lis. Above all of this, is "LOUISIANA" in large lettering, with the "U", "S", and "A" in red, white and blue, respectively. This emphasizes the large part that the Louisiana Purchase played in the country's history and growth. Every element of this poster has significance in Louisiana history, down to the edition quantities.

This collector's piece will be admired and cherished throughout the years. Available in three edition sizes, each poster is signed and numbered by the artist and available with or without matting. Also available is a 1.75" medallion in nickel exclusively minted to go with this piece. Get yours today and celebrate this milestone in Louisiana history.

Mat Color Choices for these Prints
TanAntique WhiteGrayLight GreenMedium GreenHunter GreenDark BlueNavy BlueMaroonChinese RedBrick RedRaven Black

"Louisiana Bicentennial"

limited-edition poster in three edition sizes
signed and numbered with certificate and history card
produced on 129# silk finish paper

430 full-sized prints, 1812 medium-sized prints, 2012 small-sized prints
available with 11x14, 14x18, or 20x24 double-matting
or triple-matted with 1.75" inset nickel medallion

Full-sized 430 Edition
12"x 16" image size (on 14"x 18" paper)
in 20"x24" double matting $155
with medallion in 20"x24" triple matting $195

Medium-sized 1812 Edition
8"x10.5" image size (on 10"x13" paper)
in 14"x18" double matting
with medallion in 14"x18" triple matting $125

Small-sized 2012 Edition
6"x8" image size (on 8"x10" paper)
in 11"x14" double matting
with in 11"x14" triple matting
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